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We are your one stop shop for everything you need to host your labor this season. We are here to assist you with getting quick answers and cost effective solutions. From here you can use our online “Requirements Calculator” to get instant answers, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or call us now, toll free at 1 (877) 652-0032

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BUY, BUILD or RENT, which works for you?

Finance Options

Every farm labor need is different. We can dial in a solution that works for your requirements and your budget.


Our fleet of trailered and set-in-place modular solutions come as turnkey as you need them. These energy efficient buildings can arrive to your location complete with everything required for H2A approval including Beds, Bedding, Furnishings, and cleaning supplies.

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Looking for a more permanent solution? With our selection of modular buildings, stickbuilt designs and professional construction & project management, we can have your housing up and running to code and ready for an easy inspection.

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Perfect for small groups and short term requirements. Through our network of housing solutions, we can find open beds in facilities that meet H2A standards and requirements. We can also fill empty spaces in your facility and offset your costs.
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Building Types & Options

All of our building and service options are designed around cost effective application of the standards required to ensure your solution meets code and keeps your personnel happy, healthy and productive. Take a closer look at our solutions:

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Standards & Philosophy

As worldwide experts in labor housing, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, high quality and sustainable solution. You can learn more about our corporate philosophy and how we achieve our standards here: