FWH Options

We provide several cost effective solutions that fit your budget, requirements and (sometimes most importantly) your timeline.

Modular Trailers - Bunkhouses, Toilet, Showers, Kitchens

Roll in and Set up Our trailers are H2A approved and ready for deployment. Trailer solutions include 14-16 Person Bunkhouses, Shower/Toilet Blocks, Kitchens and recreational areas. Trailers can be moved in and moved out quickly and easily with little preparation. With no foundations required, trailers are a great solution for farms that do not want to build a permanent structure. Book now by calling (877) 652-0032.

Modular - Laydown

Looking for something a bit more permanent but without the permit and build time? Our Modular laydown solutions may be for you. We have both wood built and shipping container conversion buildings. With a vast selection of floorplans available, we can provide an off the shelf solution or customize a module to fit your exact needs.

From our plug and play OSHA/H2A compliant 6 person bunkhouse to our hotel room style modules, we can provide the accommodation that best matches your needs.

All our modules come with optional:

  • ISCIENT Automated Building Management System
  • High Efficiency LED lighting
  • High Efficiency Appliances
  • Solar Power and Water Heating Solutions
  • Self Contained Water Treatment
  • Green Roof / Green Space Integration
  • Recycled and/or Energy Efficient Materials

  • Based on our standard ISO 40′ cube shipping container, Our H2A Compliant “6 Bed Bunkhouse Plus” features a sink in each room and one private and one shared enclosed toilet / shower room.

    Each unit has three separate rooms (2 Bunks each) including:

  • Double bunk beds with mattresses
  • Double standing steel lockers
  • Box Type AC units (3 in Total)
  • 2″ insulated finished walls and ceiling
  • Three (3) screened vertical sliding, 5 mm thick windows with removable metal security shutters for the off season.
  • Lino/Vinyl floor
  • Desk / Chair
  • Two (2) ventilation fans with on/off switches
  • 10 year structural warranty

  • Traditional Stick Built

    We have pre-approved and pre-engineered traditional build solutions that can fit any need. Wether you need a bunkhouse, private residences, kitchens, rec buildings or support buildings, we have what you need. Contact us today to get a free consultation.